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The Rage of the Religious Left

In Politics and Religion on October 26, 2011 at 5:09 pm

by Jay Clarke

Everyone is angry these days.  Americans are angry about the state of the economy.  The Republican establishment is miffed at the Tea Party.  In return, the Tea Party is incensed at establishment Republicans, Democrats, Barack Obama, Congress and anyone who won’t cut spending or will raise taxes.  Not to be outdone, Democrats remain perpetually perturbed at Republicans, business owners, “the rich” and conservatives in general while the infuriating success of Fox News and the Tea Party drives them up the proverbial tree.

Now, intense anger is beginning to vent from the collective spleens of the far left.  One would think they’d be pleased with President Obama.  He spent $800 billion dollars on stimulus, nationalized 2 car companies and health insurance, got into the banking business, self-regulated carbon, declared war on the wealthy and revealed himself to be a certifiable, stark raving, big government, business-regulating madman.  The liberal road to socialism seems well-surveyed and cleanly cut, if not fully paved and striped.  Liberals should be thrilled.  Instead they are seething.

Liberalism is not just about politics.  It has become a major, world-wide, religious faith movement.  Ann Coulter documents the religion of liberals in her book “Godless.”  In “The Tyranny of Liberalism,” James Kalb reports that liberalism “began as an attempt to moderate the influence of religion in politics, [but] ends by establishing itself as a religion.”  When challenged, liberals engage in personal character attacks rather than a reasoned defense of their beliefs.  As a functioning political theory, liberalism cannot be adequately defended based on facts.  Confront a liberal with hard facts and you’re likely to get an earful of how bad you are followed by a doctrinal dissertation proclaiming that liberalism does indeed work.  It just hasn’t been tried enough.  Facts are incidental to liberal believers.  Faith is the soul of liberalism.  You just gotta believe.  Hence, the liberal religion.

The three dominant world religions have similarities to one another that are widely acknowledged.  Each speaks against moral ills such as murder, theft and infidelity.  Each believes in one, supreme god.  And each has a savior or prophet.  Judaism, Christianity and Islam share the idea of a prophesied coming (or return) of a savior/prophet figure.  Jews look for the coming of their long-awaited Messiah.  Christians look for the 2nd coming of the Savior, Jesus the Christ. Muslims anticipate the 12th Imam or Mahdi.  The liberal faithful have a messiah too. For years they’ve waited for Him. He who would make all things right and establish their faith in law and practice.  A liberal heaven on earth.  A utopian paradise where social justice and equality in all things would rule. The “haves” would finally be compelled to share equally with the “have-nots.” Faithful liberals watched, waited and hoped for their deliverer.  In 2008, they thought he had come.

The religious fervor that surrounded presidential candidate Barack Obama was hard to miss and even harder to stomach. Hailed as “The One” and referred to as “The Messiah”, Obama cast an oratorical spell on his audiences. Spectators swayed, swooned and lost consciousness as he tele-prompted his homilies to the faithful masses.  Jubilant, liberal adherents of the faith rejoiced.  Obama accepted the praise and worship of his liberal congregation, furthering speculation on the left that he was, indeed, anointed and appointed by God.

Today, the liberal left is losing hope.  House Republicans stood on principle during the debt deal negotiations and denied Obama his must-have tax increases.  The Tea Party demanded spending cuts to at least slow the growth of government. The national debt debate veered hard to the right as America rejected tax increases in favor of tightening the national belt.  And yet the government grows, Obama spends and the liberal agenda marches on.

But, the religious left feels betrayed. Obama “caved” to Republicans on the debt deal, they say. Would a messiah do that?  Obama is supposed to be The One.  They’ve waited for Him, paving the way for His coming for years.  The combined hopes and dreams of generations of faithful disciples rest on Obama’s shoulders.  A heavy and unrelenting burden, no doubt.

As the darkness of desperation envelopes the radical left, they turn to comfortable and familiar tactics.  What’s the most natural thing for leftists to do?  Protest, of course.  Organize.  Form a mob.  If you can’t beat ’em at the ballot box, then Occupy Wall Street.  If that doesn’t work, civil disobedience.  If that doesn’t work, then violence could well become an acceptable option.

Barack Obama the Messiah has come.  For liberals, progressives, socialists and communists the time is now.  Liberal Utopia is in sight.   Obama’s duty is to defeat the infidels, not compromise.  He must vanquish Republicans, conservatives, the Tea Party, anyone who would dare stand in the way of establishing redistributive justice and social, economic equality once and for all in America.  It is the liberal dream.  And it is fading.

The religious left is enraged because they are frightened.  If Obama fails, then he is a false messiah.  And hope is lost.

The radical left is becoming more scared and more desperate as more Americans push back against their progressive agenda.  And desperate people often times do desperate things.

Jay Clarke is a businessman and lifelong conservative from Southern California.  Write him at socalscriptor@gmail.com

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