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Devore: How California’s budget blunders led to my divorce from the Golden State | Fox News

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Liberal legislators run amok. Liberal governor with union pals. High taxes. Crushing regulations. Businesses fleeing in droves. Unemployment in the 13% range and higher. Immoral mandates on public schools. Can California be saved?


Chuck DeVore, former California Assemblyman has moved to Texas and sings our praises, while pointing out the pitfalls of statist California:

Texas’ bureaucracy, excluding teachers, is 22 percent smaller as a portion of the population than is California’s, with every Texan paying about $467 a year for government retiree benefits, compared to California’s $1,105 in pension costs. Sky-high benefits for bureaucrats may soon cause the bankruptcy of Stockton, California’s 13th-largest city.

California has more government paper-pushers but Texas has 17 percent more teachers per capita, with educational outcomes favoring the Lone Star State. In fact, Texas K-12 schools perform consistently above the national average across age, racial, and subject matter areas, while California schools perform well below the national average.

To support its bloated government, California asks more of its taxpayers who pay 10.6 percent of their income to state and local government, above the U.S. average of 9.8 percent…

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  1. I hope the Nation can learn from Texas. Thanks for spreading the word!

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